(Unreal Estates)

MAP OFFICE publie un livre intitulé Unreal Estates of China, il propose 56 tableaux d'une Chine vue à travers les sensations et le dessin de ces deux français expatriés à Honk Kong.

"I have half an hour to spend while the driver repairs the taxi's flat tire. Fifty meters from the main road, the abandonned building is standing alone, covered by a tattered green fabric, shaken by the wind. I penetrate the premise through a hole in the surrounding brick wall, and i cross my fingers, hoping there will be no dogs. But it's empty, no contruction workers or other inhabitants. Looking more closely, I notice some traces of occupancy: the remains of a fire, a broken shoe and some laundry. I take the stairs up and arrive on an empty concrete plateforme. It's full of garbage and decaying furniture. Obviously a few people are living in this incomplete development, waiting to make their fortune in the big city. The aborted concrete carcass is an ideal temporary shelter. I take a photo and disappear without leaving any trace of my intrusion, my head full of dreams about these unreal estate"

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