(Ito San)

"Although editorial selection may play a part, houses of this flavor are certainly conspicuous. Of course, many of these characteristics apply to my own architecture, and I am aware that due to my advocacy of lightness, ephemerality, and transparency, I must bear some of the responsibility for this syndrome among my colleagues born only twenty years after me. Nevertheless, I have sympathize with Hasegawa’s loss of taste and speech. I suppose this is because it seems to me that many of these houses by young architects share a feeble introversion. Of course there are some to which this does not apply, but so many have a light and transparent aesthetic sophistication throughout. However beautiful and delicate, they do not engage the exterior and are somehow negatively closed to reality. Put another way, while persisting with the critique of modernism. I think an overwhelming number of these houses fail to clearly demonstrate any criticality of their own. I think that very few attempt to positive engagement with reality."

Toyo Ito , Shedding the Modern Body Image: Is a house without Criticism possible?
in : After the crash: Architecture in post bubble japan, Thomas Daniell

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