(Taikoo Dockyard)
- Hong Kong
View from One Island East 31st floor
(c) OL

Taikoo Dockyard Engineering Company was founded in Hong Kong by Butterfield and Swire around 1902-1905. Until the WW2, it was one of the most important place in the world for the ship construction. In the 70s, the docks moved to the west shore of Tsing Yi Island, resulting by the establishment of Swire Properties and the creation of a large private housing estate, Taikoo Shing (太古城).

plan of the former docks - 1900

Developpement of Taikoo Shing in the 80's

Taikoo Shing estate covers 3.5 hectares for 61 residential towers, with a total of 12,698 apartment flats that ranges anywhere between 54.3 m2 to 114.9 m2. More than 40,000 people live there, a moderately concentrated area by Hong Kong standards. The income distribution of Taikoo Shing's population makes it a typical middle class community in HK.

satellite view - 2007

It's quite interesting to know that as it is a private estate, all roads are owned by Swire Properties. In practice, public traffic is generally allowed to pass freely, but admission may be denied!

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