Genetic Tales
Andrea Branzi

This catalog contains (almost) every type of human creature present on the earth at the end of the millenium. If you notice that someone is missng, you can insert him or her yourself. The catalog is an illustrated atlas of genetics; starting from the couple, it explains how crowds take shape.

It is divided into the following chapters:

Couples : wherein the immediate effects of the procreative activities of two subjects can be seen Families : consisting in an extension of the original couple
Family trees : useful to clarify the lines of succession of a given family
Groups : composed of numerous individuals who come together for different reasons
Crowds : masses of individuals making up humanity
Exceptions : individuals who cannot be listed in the above categories
General catalog of different human types, according to their similarity, affinity and closeness

The catalog can be used to classify strangers or to identify friends

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Andrea Branzi

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