Pre-Soviet Period, Suprematism & other mysterious CCCP movements

I was deriving, a few days ago, on Tverskaya's Moscow main avenue and I found in the basement of a mainstream bookshop some architectural publications about the pre-soviet period, suprematism and brochures from different CCCP time. Everything is unfortunately written in russian but it adds something really mysterious -  don't know what is it, student work perhaps - but something really powerfull cames from all that people's faces who seems totally engaged in their tasks, to produce with high belief all these abstract architectural models and drawings. 
In a way, it also reveals what you can feel when you're in Russia from a quiet short time, you cannot really understand what's happened here - language people reactions - even if everything looks the same everything is different ;  something which can be contain in this Dostoievsky's quote " Russians are not whites, blacks or yellows, they are greens". It will follow a posts' series about that feeling and stuffs I found here and there.

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